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Created by Youth, for Youth

We are proud to say that our event is entirely created, organized, and curated by passionate young individuals who share a common love for film and storytelling. We understand the unique perspectives, challenges, and dreams of our generation, and we've created a space where these voices can be heard and celebrated.



Our mission is to empower and celebrate the voices of young filmmakers, providing a dynamic platform for their unique stories to be seen, heard, and celebrated. We believe in the transformative power of cinema to inspire, connect, and shape perspectives. Our festival is a dedicated space where emerging talents, guided by creativity and fueled by passion, come together to showcase their work, build connections, and embark on a journey of cinematic exploration.

Theater Lot
Theater Lot

Our partners

This initiative would not be possible without the help and support provided by the different organizations we partner with in the city. We are currently in partnership with Sol One Productions, Hot Shoe Productions, the Digital Arts Resource Center and Youth Ottawa which are three organizations which, over the years have and still continue to contribute to youth empowerment and support creative projects. 


Amplify your impact in the Youth community !

We believe that true partnerships are built on collaboration and a shared vision. Your involvement with the OYFF is an opportunity to not only support a dynamic cultural event but to align your brand with the creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm of emerging filmmakers and young creatives. Get in touch with us to schedule a meeting or get more information about the opportunities for collaboration you can offer. 

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