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Celebrating Young Voices in Film

Explore Our Curated Selection of Youth-Produced Short Films which will be screened at the 2024 OYFF ! 

15-17 year old category

Our 15-17 year old category highlights the incredible creativity of young filmmakers on the rise. These short films offer a glimpse into the diverse perspectives and imaginative stories high school students have to share.

"The greatest thief"
Lara Olivia Court 

Following a series of daring robberies, and absolutely 100% competent detective must interview victims, witnesses, and figure out the identity of the worlds greatest thief, and totally definitely not jump to conclusions.

Kian Hezarkhani

In a war-ravaged world dominated by extreme ideologies, a devastating bio-engineered virus targets the female reproductive system. The virus, carried by all men causes a population decline and societal collapse. Years later amidst the ruins, a lone survivor navigates the wilderness. As one of the last survivors of a war-torn world, who is unaware of what the world once was.

"God Lives Below"
Oliver Johnson

God Lives Below encompasses the gloomy experience of a 16 year old boy with a respiratory virus whose last days are approaching. Through his dire circumstances he has developed a strange connection with a being he doesn't quite understand, thinking of it as God. 

God lives below .jpg
William Manning

Impending doom can only be thwarted by finishing a sandwich.

Doom scalator .jpeg
"Start living"
Joshua H. Linder

In a world dominated by technology, Clara is unknowingly damaging her relationships with loved ones. Will the power of nature help her reconnect with the world around her and start living?

Start living.jpg
Braden Rhys

A man tracks down the killer of his girlfriend and toys with his 
mind by making him live out his worst nightmares.

"Jusqu'à la perfection"
Cam Lafrance
Jusqu'a la perfection.jpg
Smile for me_.jpg
"Smile for me"
Ayush Senanayake

Sam, a grieving brother desperate for answers about his missing sibling, turns to an artificial intelligence program, for assistance. This reveals unsettling truths and offers cryptic insights into Sam's past and the lines between reality and delusion blur. With tension mounting and secrets unraveling, Sam confronts the haunting consequences of his quest for closure.

 18-21 year old category

Our 18-21 year old category features the work of emerging filmmakers who are taking their craft to new heights. These short films showcase a range of styles and stories, from compelling narratives and thought-provoking documentaries to innovative animations and artistic experiments

"There's No Place Like Home"
Pooja Sethi

For all important things in our lives, there is a collection of things that come together that give them significance. For our favourite meals, it is a collection of ingredients coming together to form a taste that gives us comfort. For our homes, it is a collection of memorabilia, items, trinkets, and decorations that come together in a way that is representative of who we are. 

There is no place like home.jpeg
"I just wanna listen"
Wendley (LenZz) Pierre
I just want to listen.jpg
"Bannock at Kokom’s"
Maya Skabar 

In “Bannock at Kokom’s,” Olivia, 4 years old, cooks bannock alongside her Kokom, Katy. We discover the beauty of their relationship through the transmission of the Anishinaabe language and cultural practices. Without even realizing it, Olivia absorbs the teachings of her Kokom.

Bannock at Kokom's_.jpg
"In case you don't see me again"
Olivia Keoughan 

Margot doesn't know what to do now. She's stuck between her feelings and a note that holds too many memories. She can't bring herself to open it but she can't move on without it. Through painful memories and almost destroying the note entirely, Margot remembers why she needed it in the first place.

In case you don't see me again.jpg
"The next stop"
Kalea Brummund

After years of separation, a man attempts to find his high school sweetheart to complete their promise to each other they made before leaving for college, despite having no contact with each other. 

The next stop.jpg
"Faltered imperception"
Sam Huggins

Chris, a hungover frat boy, wakes up in a foreign room with his old friend Jane and discovers that his friendship, and the world around him, are a facade.

Faltered Imperception.jpg
Tyler Jenson Nykilchyk

“ONEIROS” is a mixed media journey of melancholic fear and the blurred lines between reality, dreams, and nightmares. This short film follows disjointed images of an arctic wolf through obscure boundaries of reality, using a mixture of digital video, 35mm film photography, cyanotype prints and animation. “ONEIROS” invites viewers to reflect on their own fears, and the captivating mysteries of the mind.


22-24 year old category

Our 22-24 age group features the exceptional work of filmmakers who are refining their craft and exploring new frontiers. These short films blend sophisticated storytelling, compelling themes, and striking visuals, offering a polished showcase of their talents.

For my love.jpg
"For my love"
Zachary Chabot

A grieving woman's eulogy to the deceased.

Kiera Meeks

A woman is kidnapped by a masked man. Little does she know, she’s in for a real surprise!

La scénariste.jpg
"La Scénariste"
Alexandre Bittar
Dominik Denis DiMario

After her partner's death, Sarah visits his studio to regain the connection she lost. There, she rekindles her partner's passion and begins to feel his presence, only to be left alone in the dark.

"Clocked Downfall"
Dahlia Lesh

Clocked Downfall offers a deeply personal exploration of the realities faced on the journey to recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. This piece showcases the ongoing battle against the pull of relapse and the harsh reality of facing my inner demons.

Clocked  downfall.jpg
My project.png
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