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Submissions are NOW OPEN ;) ! 

Get ready to make your mark in the cinematic world! Submissions for the Ottawa Youth Film Festival are officially open ! Make sure to finalize and submit your films by April 11th 2024 at 5 PM Eastern Time.


Eligibility guidelines 

Ensuring a welcoming space at the OYFF


Age restriction 

This festival is dedicated to young filmmakers between the age of 15 and 24. Filmmakers of all skill levels within this age group are encouraged to submit their work.


Short's lenght

Submitted short films can have a maximum duration of up to 10 minutes and a minimum duration of 2 (including introduction and credits). Films falling outside of this duration will not be considered for screening. 


Language and subtitles 

We accept shorts produced in any language. However, if your film is not in English, please ensure that it includes English subtitles for screening and judging. 


Content restrictions 

We welcome shorts of diverse theme and genres. However, we do not accept films with explicit or offensive content. If explicit content is to be implied in the short, we require that a trigger warning is included in the short. No offensive content will be accepted. 


Rights and permission 

By submitting your film, you affirm that you hold all necessary rights and permissions involving the material used in your short such as music and images for example. 


Original work 

Films submitted to our festival must be original creations of the filmmakers or have appropriate licensing for any third-party content used. 

This year's theme: 



Departure signifies more than just a physical journey; it's an exploration of new horizons, diverging paths, and the profound emotional challenges that unfold once we make the choice to embark on a new journey. We encourage you to reflect on what this could mean to you and brace yourself to dive into narratives that transport us beyond the familiar, challenge perceptions, and ignite the spirit of adventure. Whatever you do, make sure to show this theme through your work by reflecting what it means for you ! Whether it's a departure from the ordinary or a poignant farewell, we're excited to see the creative interpretations that this theme will inspire.

Submit your short !

Click on this button to access our festival's FilmFreeway account and click the "submit now" button to submit your short !

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